Love the new Cloquet schools phone system

Our home phone rang just before 7 a.m. this morning, after I’d pressed the snooze once but before I was actually out of bed.

“Cloquet schools will start two hours late today due to extremely icy conditions,” a computerized woman’s voice told me.

About three minutes later, the phone rang again. This time it was my husband, whispering the same phrase from a deer stand outside Mahtowa. He’s gotten the same lady on his cell phone.

He hangs up after a brief conversation and gets back to looking for a source of sausage and tasty Korean venison steaks for us.

Approximately two minutes later, I hear my cell phone ringing downstairs. It’s the robot lady again, I’m certain, so I ignore it.

Finally (also within minutes),  my mother-in-law calls from Moose Lake, to make sure I know school is delayed. (She didn’t hear it from the robot lady, however, she saw it on TV.)

To top it all off, when I open up my e-mail, the message is there, waiting for me, courtesy of “Central admin.”

Even though all the phone calls prevented me from catching an extra hour of sleep, I’m sold on the new phone system installed in the Cloquet Public schools this fall.

That robot lady can call me anytime.

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